Pondering on Postcards

Friday 5th February – Bahrain airport

Harry was an amazing correspondent, mainly typewritten, always thoughtful, the letters I have of his have given me joy, insight and inspiration.

Setting out I thought I would send my two children postcards from every destination. Who knew that would be such a challenge! I have just about succeeded barring Manila but it is definitely not a simple task. As email replaces letter so fridge magnet or bumper sticker bought back replaces the postcard. Even in the most touristy spots they are hard to find and then you have to find a stamp and a post box…

Thailand’s postal service is visible with smart red boxes regularly ranged down every main road. Hong Kong, after a protracted hunt for the cards the main PO was very efficient with stamps. Finding international stamps in the US was taxing unless you travelled to a main office and in Tokyo public holidays had closed the offices. So all in all each card has been a treasure hunt from start to finish.

At my Mumbai event we reflected on the loss of the arrival of a letter sent with love and care with news of a friend or loved one. For much of I-House history residents would only have had the option of letter to communicate with friends and family as phone calls were so expensive. I wonder what we miss in our now immediately connected world.

They even suggested I should match people I had met on my trip to write a letter to each other, perhaps I will. In the meantime why not write to someone you have not spoken to for a while and see what happens. Or if you have a letter written or received whilst at I-House perhaps you could share it.

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