Why 100,000 Grains of Sand

When thinking about the tour and what to call it I went back to the oral history and was struck by a piece about why Harry came to New York rather than going to become a missionary in China which was what he was considering. He was advised by one of the Leaders of the Christian movement he was discussing this with as follows:

“If you go to China, you’ll just become one grain of sand on the seashore, one drop in the bucket.  But if you come to New York, you’ll be one grain of sand that can influence many other grains of sand around you.  Instead of going to China and sinking yourself as one individual in that vast complex of people, you might come here and through interesting medical or theological or education students, for instance, to go abroad, you might multiply your life twenty times or more.”  

I loved the idea of this multiplier effect and thinking at the time that there have probably been some 100,000 alumni of the NY House alone in its nearly 100 years I settled on the 100,000 Grains of Sand tour.