100,000 Grains of Sand Tour 2019

100,000 Grains of Sand Tour

In 1966 age 83 Harry Edmonds set off on his final world tour.  Taking 104 days he started from International House in NYC and went around the world. 

Harry’s itinerary went as follows – New York, Berkeley, Honolulu, Tokyo, Taipei, Manila, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Delhi, Karachi, Tehran, Beirut, Istanbul, Athens, Rome, Paris, Berlin, Helsinki, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, New York 

I will be following Harry’s itinerary as far as possible, however the travel advice from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office around Karachi is not favourable and sadly Mr Trump does not appreciate visits to Iran (I would no longer be able to travel on the waiver scheme from the UK which would be a pain) so I reluctantly decided not do these stops.  Instead I have added Mumbai and a quick stop to visit I-House Chicago on my way to the final stop in NYC.  

I don’t have much information about what Harry actually did in each of the countries and whether he went beyond the main cities he arrived in.  I am going to venture out at two of the stops.  In Hawaii, I am in contact with a Berkely alumni who lives on Maui so I will be going there for lunch!  And in Taiwan, I am going to go down to visit Kaohsiung.  

So I will be visiting 18 countries and doing 25 stops.