Four weeks to go…

With just four weeks to go I am focused on setting up a web site so I can record my final preparations and my travels. 

Being new to blogging this is proving somewhat time consuming but I am sure I will get the hang of it. 

Today has been about searching for new ways to connect with alumni as well as going back through my collection of Harry memorabilia to see what I have forgotten.  

This turns up quite a detailed article about the first 5 or so stops on Harry’s tour, which talk about the press and publicity around his arrival in each country.  I don’t think I will manage to draw quite such a crowd.  

Even without social media Harry managed to meet with over 1000 alumni on his trip.  

I am enjoying the unlocking new connections and am now getting excited about meeting some of the wonderful people who have embraced my project and are taking the time to help me organise an event or connect me to other alumni.